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Intercontinental Bearing Supply

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NHBB and NMB bearing, factory authorized re-lubrication facility. 
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Class 6 Cleanroom, with Class 5 capabilities at the bench as per ISO 14644-1:2015. All re-lubrication and packaging services are provided utilizing the cleanroom to ensure the highest quality product and prevent FOD contamination.
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AS9100 & ISO9001 Certified
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Sampling in accordance with ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2008, Level II. AQL: C=0

Basic failure evaluation services with access to in-depth failure analysis services from many of the leading ball bearing manufacturers.

Quality Policy

Intercontinental Bearing Supply Company is committed to understand, meet and exceed the requirements of its customers through the continuous improvement of its processes and on-time delivery of conforming products.

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At IBSCO we answer your questions:Where can I buy quality bearings? Where can I find an AS9100 certified bearing distributor? Authorized re-lubrication facility? Where can I have bearing failure analysis performed? Where can I find Mil-spec (MS) series bearings?

Where can I find BACB bearings? Where can I find staking tools? Where can I find Medical Bearings? Where can I find Dental Bearings? Where can I find Autoclavable Bearings? Where can I find Hybrid Bearings for medical tools? Where can I find Hybrid Bearings for dental tools?

Where can I find bearings for robotics? Where can I find bearings for laser applications? Where can I find semiconductor bearings? Where can I find servo bearings? Where can I find bearings for encoders? Where can I find actuator bearings?

Where can I find Electric Motor Quality bearings? Where do I find Miniature Bearings? Where do I find Metric Miniature Bearings? Where do I find Angular Contact Bearings? Where do I find Thin Section Bearings? Where do I find Torque Tube Bearings?

Where do I find Duplexed Bearings? Where do I find Needle Bearings? Where do I find Airframe Control Bearings? Where do I find Ceramic Bearings? Where do I find Ceramic Hybrid Bearings? Where do I find Spindle Bearings? Where do I find Stainless steel Bearings?

Where do I find Chrome Steel Bearings? Where do I find Plastic Bearings? Where do I find High Speed Bearings? Where do I find 3 piece thrust Bearings? Where do I find hard to find Bearings? Where do I find discontinued / obsolete Bearings? Where can I get bearings re-lubed?

Where can I find engineering assistance for a bearing application? Where can I find cleanroom services? Where can I get bearings modified? Who offers custom bearing packaging? Who offers inventory management programs? Who offers Kanban / JIT programs?

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