Aerospace and Defense

IBSCO supports commercial, military, and space applications as well as related ground support equipment.  We also provide bearings for defense applications from missile programs to drone based camera turrets.

Industries Supported


Medical and Dental

Our ISO Class 7 cleanroom gives us a distinct advantage in the support of medical applications which often require specialized greases and/or specific lubrication fill rates.  In addition to medical devices, we can support dental hand-piece bearings as well as many other bio and life science platforms.



IBSCO provides bearings for many “high tech” applications including but not limited to robotics, semiconductor production, laser applications and many more. We support test and analytical equipment for high tech and other industries as well.


Motion Control

If your bearing requirements are for motion control or factory automation we can support your needs.  We provide bearings for motors, servos, encoders and actuators used in motion control and automation systems.



IBSCO can support bearing applications in components used in oil and gas production and processing as well as wind power and solar power systems. Contact us for your energy application needs.



IBSCO can support bearing applications in components used in the outdoor industry including archery cam or pulley bearings, and various bearings used in fishing reels. Various options are available to maximize speed and kinetic energy, provide a smooth cast, or ensure performance under extreme environmental conditions. Contact us for your outdoor application needs.


Other Industries

Intercontinental Bearing Supply can also support your requirements in automotive, racing, off-road and marine. We provide bearings in food service and agricultural applications, including the ability to re-lubricate bearings with food grade lubricants.  Our experienced sales team can assist with your specific industry application.