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Class 6 Clean Room



Lubrication services are one of IBSCO’s core offerings.  We have been re-lubricating bearings for over 20 years.  As a result, our staff has the training and experience necessary to ensure your requirements are met with precise results.  The IBSCO process includes numerous cleaning steps as well as inspections confirming your lubrication and fill amounts meet exacting requirements.  Our facility is fully factory certified by NMB and NHBB, consider IBSCO as an extension of the manufacturers factory.  Our exacting processes meet those specified by these manufacturers.  We additionally offer custom packaging services which are facilitated in an ISO Class 6 Cleanroom environment.  Individual pill packing in strips is offered on a standard basis.  Large volume vial packing is also quite common.  We have MIL-DTL-197 capability at the bench level.  If your requirement calls for a unique lubrication, fill, closure, standard or custom packaging requirement, contact IBSCO for details and a competitive proposal.

Our Cleanroom is a Class 6 Cleanroom, with Class 5 capabilities at the bench as per ISO 14644-1:2015. All re-lubrication and packaging services are provided utilizing the cleanroom to ensure the highest quality product and prevent FOD contamination.

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