Torque Tube Bearings

At IBSCO, we offer an extensive line of torque tube bearings that offer a minimal footprint, proven performance and moderate load bearing capabilities. Torque tube ball bearings are another name in the industry for thin section ball bearings. They are also referred to as Thinex bearings. These bearings often minimize torque by featuring an extended inner ring which provides a stronger, stiffer bearing than its thinness would allow otherwise. Available in radial and angular contact configurations, these bearings distribute the load over a greater number of small diameter balls for lower starting and running torque. These bearings are often uses as instrument ball bearings for applications that require low friction and high accuracy. Available with high-speed cages and angular contact configurations that minimize wear and friction in single- and double-row configurations, our torque tube bearings feature extended inner rings that improve their versatility and performance.

Key Applications

Torque Tube Bearings

Our torque tube bearings are offered in a variety of standard and custom inch and metric sizes tolerances and radial clearances appropriate for a wide range of military and non-military applications. Other applications of torque tube bearings (or Thinex bearings) include aircraft accessories, missile guidance equipment, computers, business machines, robotics and medical devices.

Wide Selection

With an extensive inventory and fully stocked warehouse complemented by our international sourcing capabilities, we can ensure the fast delivery of torque tube bearings for virtually any application. And our inventory management services and JIT capabilities ensure you’ll always have the right torque tube bearings whenever you need them, for any standard or custom application.

Torque Tube Bearing Manufacturers

We provide torque tube bearings from all of today’s leading manufacturers, including:

Commitment to Quality

At IBSCO, our continued commitment to quality torque tube bearings includes ISO 9001:2008 certification and extensive in-house lot traceability practices.