Single Row Ball Bearings

Single row ball bearings are among the most common types of radial / deep groove bearings. Referred to as single row bearings, these bearings have a single-row design with one row of ball bearings. At IBSCO, each single row bearing is manufactured to meet the custom bearing requirements of the aerospace and medical device industries as well as other highly specialized markets with bearings that offer high performance and precise rotation with low torque.

Why Use Deep Groove Bearings?

The key benefits and features of working with single row ball bearings include; operating with low noise, offering good radial load capacities, low maintenance and good performance at high speeds.

Applications for Single Row Bearings

Some of the applications for our single row bearings include:

  • Vacuums
  • Tools
  • Motors
  • Fans

Bearing Materials

Our single row bearings are manufactured from today's most versatile and durable materials, such as:

Single Row Bearing Material Additional Info
Stainless Steel Request A Quote
400 Stainless Steel Request A Quote
300 Stainless Steel Request A Quote
Chrome steel Request A Quote
Ceramic Request A Quote

Industries For Single Row Bearings

At IBSCO, our single row ball bearings can serve a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical/dental
  • Food and beverage
  • Furniture and appliance
  • Photo processing
  • Textile

With a large inventory, we can provide the single row bearings you need fast, often in less than a week, rather than the months it often takes to order direct from manufacturers. Our inventory management services and JIT capabilities mean you'll never be without the single row bearing you need for long. And you can count on quality as we maintain lot traceability for all single row bearings, and our quality control efforts are ongoing.