Radial / Deep Groove Bearings

IBSCO offers a complete selection of radial ball bearings, the most common bearing configuration. Also called deep groove ball bearings, these bearings are designed with race dimensions closer to the dimension of the balls that run in it, allowing for the support of higher loads. A radial bearing or deep groove ball bearing consists of two concentric, symmetric rings (or races) that are configured to support a load across the radius of the bearing. While most radial bearing designs also support modest axial loads, significant off-axis load-bearing capability is commonly addressed through the use of an angular contact bearing.

Deep Groove Radial Bearings

What Are Radial Ball Bearings Used For?

Performance can be impacted by the quality of the cage and cage material (which can determine whether the bearing can operate at 5,000 or 500,000 rpm), the raceway finish, and consistent geometry in the interior. Our radial bearings and deep groove ball bearings are ideal for applications that require precise rotation with low torque and high-speed operation, such as:

  • Vacuums
  • Tools
  • Motors
  • Fans

Single Row vs. Double Row Deep Groove Bearings

As part of our inventory of deep groove radial bearings, we offer both single row and double row variations. Single row, deep groove radial bearings have one row of bearing balls, while double row, deep groove bearings contain two rows of bearing balls. Both work for radial and thrust loads, however, double row bearings often need better alignment in the shaft and housing than single-rows.

Bearing Materials

Our radial and deep groove bearings are manufactured from today's most versatile and durable materials, such as:

Radial Ball Bearing Material Additional Info
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We maintain a large inventory that allows us to provide the radial and deep groove ball bearings you need fast-- often within days. With our leading inventory management services and JIT capabilities, you'll always have the radial bearings you need, when you need them. And whether it's our radial and deep groove ball bearings, or any of our other bearing styles and configurations, you can count on quality. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified supplier, we maintain lot traceability for all bearings, and our quality control improvements are ongoing.