NMB Ball Bearings

IBSCO is the largest distributor of NMB ball bearings, including miniature and instrument bearings. With factories in Japan, Thailand and Singapore, NMB bearings are known internationally for providing unmatched quality and value. At IBSCO, we ensure the quality of every NMB bearing we deliver through our own extensive in-house lot traceability practices and ISO 9001:2008 certification. We can provide NMB bearings for industries as diverse as:

NMB Ball Bearings

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Computer
  • Communications

About NMB

NMB Technologies Corporation is a subsidiary of NMB (USA) Inc., the North American headquarters and operating center of the Minebea Group of Companies. Headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, NMB Technologies Corporation was founded in 1968 as the sales and marketing arm of Minebea. From its beginning, NMB took pride in creating strong partnerships with customers. This commitment was demonstrated by making local application engineers available, knowledgeable direct sales and partnering with world class distributors and reps who know the products inside and out.

More on Minebea

Minebea Co., Ltd., was established in 1951 as Japan’s first specialized manufacturer of miniature ball bearings. They are the international leader in precision miniature ball bearing manufacturing. Companies in the Minebea family include:

NMB Miniature Ball Bearings

NMB's miniature ball bearings are offered in inch and metric sizes, ranging from .1181 to 1.00 inch O.D. (3mm to 26mm) and in open or shielded and flanged or unflanged configurations. These different types of shields and seals prevent leakage and contamination.

  • Optimal performance in small envelop environments
  • Versatility of stainless and crown steel
  • Metallic cages
    • Crown
    • Ribbon
  • Plastic crown cages
  • Flanged or unflanged open or shielded bearings
  • Variety of shields