Machine Tool Bearings

At IBSCO, our inventory of ball bearings includes bearings specifically designed for machine tools. Specifically for industrial equipment and to improve machine tool performance, our machine tool ball bearings are designed with long life expectancy, extreme precision, stiffness and the ability to handle very high loads. With an extensive inventory of machine tool bearings from all of today's leading bearing manufacturers, IBSCO can provide the right machine tool bearings to meet any custom needs and performance requirements.

Machine Tool Bearings

Our high-performance machine tool bearings include:

Precision Bearings for Machine Tools

Our machine tool bearings are appropriate for complex, versatile and high-performing bearing arrangements throughout the tooling process and on tooling components such as:

  • Spindles
  • Pallet components
  • Mill tables

They maintain low temperatures at high speeds while offering accuracy, rigidity and reliability.

Quality and service

At IBSCO, we ensure quality machine tool bearings through our ISO 9001:2008 certification, our extensive in-house lot traceability practices, and a continual commitment to quality control.

And our service can't be beat. With a diverse and large inventory complemented by international sourcing capabilities, we can deliver faster than most manufacturers - often shipping within a week.