IJK Ball Bearings

Since 1938, IJK (Inque Jikuuke Kogyo) has produced standard and special types of high precision ball bearings, which are known best by their users for their quality. IJK produces more than 6.5 million bearings per month and manufactures their bearings under the foundation of advanced technology and the latest equipment to achieve superior product lines.

IJK Ball Bearings

As a distributor of IJK bearings, IBSCO stocks these quality bearings as part of our large inventory for supply. We carry IJK's product lines, which cater to various industries. Specialized products are also available for production to meet the ever-changing needs of their users.

IJK Product Range

Special Products

  • Housing type ball bearings
  • Carrier roll bearings with threaded stud
  • Special hole type ball bearings
  • Power transmission type ball bearings
  • Driver roll bearings
  • Idler bearings

Value Added Services

At IBSCO, we can meet our customers' needs for supplying standard or custom IJK bearings with our Class 100 clean room, which offers:

  • Clean room lubrication center
    • Produces components that maintain peak performance in extremely high or low temperatures
    • Annually certified to ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2
  • Shop services
    • Duplex pair grinding
    • Special lubrication, including vacuum impregnation, grease plating and oil plating
    • Modification of standard bearings for custom physical or performance requirements

In addition, we ensure the quality of our IJK bearings through our own in-house lot-traceability practices and our ISO 9001:2008 certification.