Ball Bearings for Flow Meters

The proper measurement of gases and liquids relies on reliable, accurate and consistent performance of bearings involved in flow meters for gas and liquid applications.

Flow meters work to give accurate measures of flow rates for a liquid or gas. It functions through turbines that provide a rotating action around an axis to give a readable rate of flow for the user. Common industrial applications include the oil and gas measurement in pipelines.

Our ball bearings help to prolong the life of these flow meters by carefully designing the bearing material for each flow meter application. We are capable of manufacturing bearings for flow meters in a variety of different materials with our ceramic options providing clear benefits in not requiring lubrication and being able to operate in extreme temperature environments.

At IBSCO, our large inventory, international sourcing capabilities, and Class 100 clean room allow us to provide the quality and cost-efficient bearings for any standard or custom flow meter application in any challenging environment.

We can provide flow meter bearings fast from any of the industry's top bearing manufacturers, including:

Our bearings are made from today's most popular, versatile, and high-performing materials, including:

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Quality and Service of Our Flow Meter Bearings

At IBSCO, our ongoing commitment to quality flow meter bearings includes our extensive in-house lot traceability practices and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

In addition, we can deliver fast, often shipping within a week and significantly beating delivery times from manufacturers and others.