Duplex Pair Ball Bearings

Duplex Pair Bearings

Offered in back-to-back, face-to-face and tandem configurations, IBSCO provides a wide selection of duplex pair bearings that are preloaded to:

  • Remove radial and axial looseness
  • Support multi-directional thrust loads
  • Increase rigidity
  • Reduce operating noise
  • Improve positioning accuracy
  • Reduce repetitive runout
  • Minimize damage from vibratory loading
  • Increase life and axial capacity
  • Improve overall performance

Preload & Duplex Bearings Defined

A ball bearing may be preloaded through the use of a spring, or through a solid stack of parts. Spring preloading may be accomplished by adding a coil spring or a wavy washer to the assembly, which applies a force against the inner or outer ring of the non-interference fitted bearing. Because the load of a spring the load is fairly consistent over a wide range of compressed length, preloading with a spring eliminates the need for holding tight tolerances on machined parts. In one common application, retaining rings are used in the spindle assembly to save the cost of a locating shoulder, shims or threaded members. A spring would normally not be used when the assembly must withstand reversing thrust loads.

A solid stack method may be used if precise location control is required. In a precision motor, for example, the use of built-in preload is suggested. Ball bearing with built-in preload are often referred to as duplex ball bearings. When the set of bearings is assembled, the thrust load necessary to bring the adjacent faces of the rings into contact becomes the desired preload. Built-in preload helps satisfy design requirements for deflection control and increases in axial and radial stiffness.

There are three methods of mounting preloaded duplex bearings: back-to-back, face-to-face and tandem.

Materials & Manufacturers Carried

Our duplex pair bearings are manufactured from all of today's high-performance, versatile and durable bearing materials, including:

Bearing Material Additional Info
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Extensive selection

We have a large inventory of in-stock duplex pair bearings from the industry's leading manufacturers, including:

We ship fast-- often within a week, and with our inventory management services and JIT capabilities, you'll never be without the duplex pair bearings you need.

In addition, our continued commitment to quality includes ISO 9001:2008 certification and extensive in-house lot traceability practices.