Ball Bearing Clean Rooms

IBSCO's Class 100 clean room combines experienced professionals, mechanical engineers and triblogy specialists with today's industry-best technology to meet the highly specialized and demanding requirements of customers from industries as diverse as:

Our clean room, annually certified to ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2:

  • Produces components that maintain peak performance in extremely high or low temperatures
  • Is recognized by NHBB and NMB as a factory-authorized lubrication center
  • Employs today’s best and most sophisticated lubrication materials for all components

Bearing Lubrication & Services

  • Centrifuged oil re-lubrication to remove excess oil and leave a thin film ideal for low-torque applications
  • Vacuum impregnation that forces the lubricant into the pores of the retainer, creating an oil reservoir and preventing the cage material from leaching oil from the lubricant
  • Precision grease packing equipment to control the level of fill within 0.5 mg
  • Oil and grease plating to significantly reduce torque values of traditionally grease-packed or oil-lubricated bearings
  • Duplex pair grinding
  • Special lubrication, including vacuum impregnation, grease plating and oil plating
  • Modification of standard bearings for custom physical or performance requirements

See full details on our call bearing relubrication services.