Cerbec Silicon Nitride Balls & Bearings

IBSCO carries CERBEC® silicon nitride balls, engineered specifically for ball bearings. Silicon nitride provides a high performing alternative material for balls, offering consistent surface finish and geometry and superior performance at high operating speeds.

Applications of Cerbec Silicon Nitride Balls

CERBEC® balls are used in ball bearings in:

  • Pumps
  • Flow meters
  • Scanners
  • Medical and dental devices
  • Machine tool components
  • Semiconductor processing

Value Added Services

IBSCO’s application specialists work closely with each customer to select the best ball bearing configuration to meet your medical, aerospace and machine application requirements. Our specialists are supported by our turnkey services including clean room manufacturing, material traceability and documentation, lubrication services, packaging and inventory management. Our manufacturing processes are certified to AS9100/ISO 9001:2008 and meet the highest industry standards for medical, dental, electonic and precision industrial applications. We understand that the performance of your products is dependent on the quality of the components used and are committed to providing the best selection and superior products.