Barden Ball Bearings

IBSCO is a leading distributor of quality, high-performance bearings from Barden Precision Bearings, including:

Barden Bearings

At IBSCO, our extensive warehouse is stocked with standard Barden bearings for any industry. And with our Class 100 clean room services, we can provide specialized bearings for all custom applications. We can ship Barden bearings fast – often within a week – and we ensure quality through extensive lot traceability practices and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Barden Precision Bearing products are used for instrument and spindle bearing applications and meet or exceed ABEC-7 or ABEC-9 specifications. They are used for machine tool and processing applications that require precision performance under high speed, demanding environments.

Industries Served


  • High speed dental hand-piece bearings
  • X-ray


  • Auxilary equipment
  • Instrumentation and Serving
  • Actuation systems

Barden Precision Bearings Details

Barden was founded in 1942 by Theodore Barth and Carl Norden to manufacture precision bearings for the Norden bombsight. In 1991, Barden became affiliated with FAG, and today the Barden/FAG line of bearings represents the aircraft and super-precision product line for Schaeffler.

Recognized as an industry leading producer of super-precise/super-critical tolerances, Barden Precision Bearing is recognized as a world leader in design and manufacturing.

IBSCO’s application specialists have in-depth knowledge of Barden Bearings and work closely with each customer to select the best bearing to meet your super-precision instrument and spindle ball bearing requirements. Our specialists are supported by our turnkey services including clean room manufacturing, material traceability and documentation, lubrication services, packaging and inventory management. Our manufacturing processes are certified to AS9100/ISO 9001:2008 and meet the highest industry standards for aircraft, instrument and military applications. We understand that the performance of your products is dependent on the quality of the components used and are committed to providing the best selection and superior products.