IBSCO Ball Bearing Services

At IBSCO, our large and extensive inventory is complemented by engineering and customization services that extend the value and performance of all our bearings for every standard or unique application.

With technology specialists a phone call away; an engineering team committed to providing service that exceeds expectations for performance, delivery and cost; and a Class 100 clean room where high-performance bearings from today's top manufacturers can be customized for highly specialized applications, our services include:

  • Clean room lubrication center
    • Produces components that maintain peak performance in extremely high or low temperatures
    • Annually certified to ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2
  • Shop services
    • Duplex pair grinding
    • Special lubrication, including vacuum impregnation, grease plating and oil plating
    • Modification of standard bearings for custom physical or performance requirements
  • Application consulting
    • Tribology specialists and mechanical engineers
    • Specifications that maximize reliability and operating efficiency
  • Lead-time management
    • Significantly reduces the industry's standard 24- to 26-week lead times for custom products and large quantities
  • Vendor partnerships
    • Long-term relationships with leading manufacturers and international sourcing capabilities mean quicker implementation of special products at preferred pricing