Ball Bearing Materials

When it comes to materials for ball bearings, IBSCO carries three main types of ball bearing materials as part of our inventory including: stainless steel, chrome steel and ceramic. Materials plays a vital role in the performance of a ball bearing, so it is very important that the correct material is chosen. Each application requires different strengths and considerations which can be met by the type of material used in manufacturing bearings.

Stainless Steel Bearings

Stainless Steel Bearings

Generally comprised of all steel parts, stainless steel is one of the most trusted and common materials for ball bearings. Steel ball bearings are generally able to handle extremely high loads and fast RPMs. A few drawbacks can be their heavy weight, noise, and low chemical resistance. As part of our stainless steel bearing inventory, we offer steel bearings in both 300 stainless steel and 400 stainless steel.

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Chrome Ball Bearings

Chrome Steel Bearings

Chrome steel is a standard material used for ball bearing applications when the main consideration is load capacity. Chrome steel ball bearings offer a durable, cost-effective option for companies looking for superior hardness, quiet operation and long life. When corrosion isn't a factor for an application, chrome steel bearings can be a suitable choice.

  • Exceptional performance at consistent temperatures to 248°F (120°C) and intermittent temperatures to 302°F (150°C)
  • Protective oil coating on exterior surfaces

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Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic Bearings

Offering a performance upgrade on traditional steel ball bearings, these balls are made of silicon nitride and run faster, maintain a cool temperature and operate with less noise. The ceramic ball bearings are often used in applications that need high speeds, accuracy and reduced friction such as aircraft instruments and medical hand-pieces.

  • High speed and fast acceleration
  • Greater accuracy
  • Reduced friction
  • Non-conductive properties
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Longer operating life

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