Aurora Ball Bearings

IBSCO carries Aurora Bearing Company products, including both Mil Spec and Commercial series of:

  • Rod Ends
  • Spherical bearings
Aurora Bearings

Spherical Bearings

Incorporating a single-piece race type construction design, the spherical bearings offer exceptional ball-to-race conformity and structural durability.

Rod Ends

  • Commercial/Industrial Rod End Bearings - Features a one-piece, full swage steel raceway construction for optimum industrial performance and is available in different inch, imperial and metric specifications.
  • Military Spec Rod End Bearings - Bearings approved to the military bearing specification SAE-AS81935.
  • Aerospace Rod End Bearings - Rod End Bearings that are manufactured using the same quality and SPC systems as Aurora's military approved bearings while following the industry's conventions for specifications.

Industries Served By Aurora Bearing Company Products

Aurora Bearing Company's products serve a wide variety of industries for motion transfer applications

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Commercial

About Aurora Bearing Company

Aurora Bearing Company was founded in 1971 and quickly became a major manufacturer of Mil Spec and Commercial series rod ends and spherical bearings.

Value Added Services

IBSCO’s application specialists have in-depth knowledge of Aurora Bearing Company and work closely with each customer to select the best ball bearing to meet your machinery and motor rod end application. Our specialists are supported by our turnkey services including clean room services, material traceability and documentation, lubrication services, packaging and inventory management. Our manufacturing processes are certified to AS9100/ISO 9001:2008 and meet the highest industry standards for aerospace, military, textile, automotive and power generation applications. We understand that the performance of your products is dependent on the quality of the components used, and are committed to providing the best selection and superior products.