Angular Contact Ball Bearings

IBSCO offers angular contact bearings manufactured to close tolerances making them appropriate for high-performance applications in the aerospace, medical device and other industries. Angular contact ball bearings are one of the most common types of ball bearings and are designed for a combination of radial and axial loading. With their unique design, angular contact bearings minimize wear and friction and are suitable for combined loads as they absorb force in both radial and axial directions. In other words, these bearings specifically have a contact angle that allows for sustaining significant axial loads in one direction together with radial loads. Generally the larger the contact angle, the higher the axial load the bearing can support, but the lower the radial load. Due to their design, these bearings are often used in pairs or sets of two, three, four or more.

Angular Contact Bearings

Single vs. Double Row Angular Contact Bearings

We offer angular contact bearings in single row and double row configurations. Single row bearings have a high thrust capacity in one direction, while double row angular contact bearings can accommodate thrust capacity in both directions. Both options are equipped to reach high speeds and support high radial-axial loads.

Single-Row Angular Contact Bearings

These bearings are better suited to working in lower temperatures and high speeds with a heavy thrust load. The enhanced bore tolerance allows for a higher life out of these single-row angular contact bearings.

Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Possesses impressive axial and radial rigidity in confined spaces.


At IBSCO, we stock large quantities of angular contact bearings for high temperature applications such as:

  • Turbines
  • Jet engines
  • Dentistry equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Motors

Benefits of Angular Contact Bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are one of the most common ball bearing types used due to a wide range of benefits. A few of the benefits include low friction and high rotational speed. Another benefit of these bearings is that they are sealed bearings, meaning debris or unwanted particles cannot make their way into the bearing. This is especially important in many industrial, aerospace and medical applications for optimal performance and life of the bearing.

Our angular contact bearings are manufactured from versatile and durable materials, including:

Bearing Material Additional Info
Stainless Steel Request A Quote
400 Stainless Steel Request A Quote
300 Stainless Steel Request A Quote
Chrome steel Request A Quote
Ceramic Request A Quote

With our extensive inventory, we can ship angular contact bearings within a week – much faster than manufacturers themselves. We also offer inventory management services and JIT capabilities that ensure you always have the right supply of angular contact bearings when you need them.

Like our clients, our commitment to quality is very important to us. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, maintain lot traceability for all angular contact bearings, and our quality control efforts are continually being evaluated and improved.